Week5 – A1 – Forms of representation


Text  is available all the time, detail is written down. Through the different education stages I passed through, there was a great emphasis on the use of books for studying and of paper to jot down notes. Even later, when doing my Cisco certifications, although all the material was available online , I used to print everything (even for H800 readings). On the other hand, viewing a diagram or animation can be used to get a better understanding of the concepts ‘displayed’.

From my experience when teaching any classroom there will be different types of learners with different abilities and preferences. Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences is very important as in a class I could be facing a student brilliant in maths but with limited skills in English. Which form of representation should I be using in my teaching? I believe the answer is to provide the students with as many different forms as possible. This sounds difficult to achieve due to the higher preparotary time needed. Salmon arugues that  “…each form of representation is uniquely capable of selecting, packaging, transmitting, and conveying its own information in its own way, thereby affording a unique experience.” Thus the more experiences the learner is subjected to, the clearer his ‘view of the world’ will be.


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