Week 5 – A3 – The current wave of technology – Web 2.0

1. What is Web 2.0 ?

 Through his discussion on the evolvment of RSS, Google, Wikipedia, blogs etc. O’Reilly visualises Web2.0 as a platform where the user can have control on the data being viewed. In fact I am really enthusiastic about my recent Bloglines subscription. Moreover in Web 2.0 collective users participate in creating a ‘collective intelligence’,  So these online services provide a more meaningful, interactive experience to its users.


2. How would you compare the technological environment described by O’Reilly with the technological conditions at the time Marshall McLuhan was writing?

The idea of an online database open for users is important as it provides a better platform where the user can interact with the information, rather than reviewing it through the use of a remote control and TV.  As noted by O’Reilly, in Web 2.0 ‘Users add value’ . The user is engaged in the tools being used so is participating actively in the activity. This is in contrast with McLuhan’s idea that the learning process is viewed as an activity to which the user has limited participation (rewinding the action). I think that this is emphasised through Brown’s argument that “we learn through our interactions with others and the world”, thus productivity (and much more) gets incredibly magnified.

3. What might be the impact of the Web in its ‘2.0’ form if, in McLuhan’s phrase, ‘the medium is the message’?


Something missing in this article are VLEs. Aren’t these a by-product of Web 2.0?


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