Week5 – A4 – The Machine is Us/ing Us

The video is very interesting as it immedietly makes the viewer aware of the differences between written and electronic text. Then it goes on explaining the evolution of the web from static text to today’s dynamic & interactive web.  Whilst viewing this video I beganreflecting on the added value I’m gaining through the use of my blog for the H800 activities. It’s much more straightforward and easier to ‘manipulate’ digital text, e.g. making quotations (copy & paste), editing my thoughts from one day to another, linking text (hypertext), formatting text. This animation also ‘shows’ the idea that the web is vast, thus in constant need for organisation. I’m given the same idea as O’Reilly’s that through the advent of Web 2.0, the user is put in an important strategic role… the “Users add value”. I liked the way he contrasts the evolvement of the web; “The web is not just linking text but linking people.”

The Machine is Us/ing Us

In this animation, the audio compliments the video. It gives another dimension to the video as it makes the motion more flowing. Without sound I feel that a video looses its direction and becomes boring. Through my restricted experience with multimedia I was always taught that the audio provides a mood to the animation. Maybe the genre chosen for this video is not popular with all the audience (as noted in other posts) and the author could have delivered a better his message included voice recordings.

What issues does the use of auido and video have for access by all students?

For accessibility issues, I have thought of two main points. First, video and audio need a good bandwidth connection in order to access and this is not available anywhere. Secondly, students with an auditory or visual impairment will have problems following this type of media. Therefore for better accessibility, such media should be supported with voice recordings and text.


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