Week5 – A5 – Comparing ways of finding out about Web 2.0

As argued by Salomon in his paper ,  through the use of different media the user might give a different interpretation of the information being viewed.  In their work, O’Reilly and Wesch are delivering a similar message is being delivered but due to the different medium being used.  Initially, I didn’t see this similarity.  The message in the video is much more catchy for the user as the actual tools being discussed can be viewed through the animation. On the other hand I associate ‘printed’ text more with knowledge acquisition whilst that video gives a perception of entertainment. Therefore, to capture the video’s message, it was important (as asked in the activity) to review the video more than once.

Some side thinking…

User viewpoint: Text can be highlighted, commented etc.  The video can only be viewed & reviewed.

Author viewpoint: Text can be given exact meaning.  The video can have different interpretations.


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