Week5 – A6 – The way ideas are produced and spread using social networks

Wesch’s  idea was to define Web 2.0. Through his video, The Machine is Us/ing Us, he’s trying to explain how differently from the original web, normal users are the producers in web 2.0 (example YouTube). This is a new type of platform where the normal user becomes the new star; ‘the cyber star’.

Comparing the two videos, I can confirm how such a video as The Machine is Us/ing Us does not give its audience a thorough meaning for the points being highlighted. Its just similar to the story board (animated), sketching ideas which need much more reflection. The lecture delivered by Wesch gives a needed detail which is missing from the original video.

Web 2.0 provides user generated filtering and user generated distribution. Wesch attributes this Web 2.0 characteristic for the popularity gained by his video. Through tagging and social networking, the hits that this video received boomed.

The style of presentation adopted by Wesch ends up this block with a good taste. Comparing it with the first web cast, I must applaud Wesch as his presentation shows a high level of research and preparation.


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