Week 7b – A6 – Searching YouTube

View a selection of the items you find and take notes about what you see. You could use the following questions to inform your viewing:

  1. What kinds of information do you get from viewing rather than reading?
  2. What kinds of video clip have been made available?
  3. What issues do the video clips focus on? Can you think of reasons why they might have been uploaded?
  4. What information can you get from seeing these video clips that would be difficult to convey by written text?

Videos of  ”nerds’

Learning from doing / immersed in an activity which for others looks dull, but for them is highliy motivational.

Persons with ‘the experience’ like Bill Gates actually commenting on the evolution of the personal computer and this is topped up with actual/original footage of the machines. The videos are presented in the actual environment in which the evolution has taken place.

Participation and competition


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