Week 8, 9 – A1: Strategies for design

Consider the following questions about strategies for design.

1. How do you (or your teaching colleagues) currently design courses?

The syllabus is first outlined by who is in ‘authority’ and then the courses are designed on the aims specified in the syllabus. Subsequently teachers build the content according to the time slots available at school. This is done whilst keeping in mind the different needs of the students with whom the lessons will be held. Obviously the designing stage will entail the preparation of any materials. These can include worksheet, notes and other resources which may make the lessons creative and interesting.

2. How do you and/or your teaching colleagues get new ideas?

New ideas are acquired through in-services, dialogue with colleagues or individual research from textbooks or the Internet.

3. What resources and support are used?

Resources: course textbooks, interactive rooms, projectors, school wifi, school website to upload teacher / student material (used as a showcase)

Support: Education officers, colleagues, in-service training, student feedback, parent feedback.

4. What issues do new technologies raise for teaching and learning?

  • Are teachers ICT literate?
  • Are teachers aware of online resources and tools?
  • What technologies are available in school for teachers and students?
  • If technologies are provided in schools, are the users given training and on going support on how best use these resources?
  • If new technologies are used, do all students have access to it? Are specific students side lined because of the use of specific media or resources?
  • Data Protection Act
  • Is help provided after school hours for students? Is this feasible?

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