Week 8 9 – A3a – Analysing a learning design

  1. The tutor creates the forum and posts a welcome message [Tutor] [Forum].
  2. Students read the very brief introduction [Students] [H800 website].
  3. Students read the linked paper while considering Questions 1 and 2 [Students] [2 websites].
  4. Students post one or more forum messages re Questions 1 and 2[Students] [Forum].
  5. Students look for helpful messages [Students] [Forum].
  6. Students build on them with one or more further messages [Students] [Forum].
  7. Students use the forum to pool their thoughts re Question 2 [Students] [Forum].
  8. Students explore Questions 3–5 depending on how much time each one of them has [Students] [Websites; search tools].
  9. Student should use the forum to come up with examples that support and contradict the First Law of Technology [Students] [forum].
  10. Students should agree on an example which mostly supports the Law and another which contradicts the Law [Students] [forum].
  11. Student should search the web to find out about ‘The Second Law of Technology’ [Students][Websites; search tools].
  12. Students should search the web about Naughton’s notion that ‘invention of printing in the 15th century’ [Students][Websites; search tools].
  13. The student should browse John Naughton’s online diary [Students].
  14. Tutor reads student messages in forum and gives back feedback [Tutor] [Forum].

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