Week 8 9 – A3b – Using CompendiumLD

  • Now start to map out this activity in CompendiumLD. Reflect on your experience as a student working through this activity as you map out the design.
    1. What isn’t represented?
    2. How much does the design match to your own experience of working through the activity?
    3. Is there a difference between representation of an activity as a design and as something a student actually works through?
  • Keep a note of what you like and dislike about using this tool and think about how you might use this (individually or within a team) in your own context of practice.
  • Save your design as a jpg file and upload it into the discussion forum.
  • In the forum, discuss what you liked and disliked about CompendiumLD.
    1. What do you think are its main strengths and weaknesses?
    2. Can you see yourself using this in the future?
    3. If so, how?
  • Look at some of the designs other students have posted based on the same activity and note commonalities and differences.
  • Discuss the different designs that have been posted and their commonalities and differences.
  • Also discuss to what extent this visual representation actually represents the original design intentions.
    1. What’s missing?
    2. Can you think of other ways in which the design could be represented and shared?

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