Week 8 9 – A4 – Finding and sharing resources

My choice for this activity is;  ‘Large cohort introductory statistics course for students in a range of disciplines.’


It took me some time to realise what exactly this site is about.  The introductory presentation helped a bit but still the site’s navigability was not so easy for me.

The searching engine of this site assumes that the logical operators are used in the search.  I thought such searching has become absolete !

The strength of social networking is the fact that its users want to share stuff like events and photos. In fact this is why I use Facebook as it gives me access to material uploaded by my friends and even for a conversation with old friends.  In the seven years I have been teaching, I have observed resistance from teachers when it comes to share their work with others, infact although for the past six years, I have provided them with web space were to upload material, the response was still limited. The idea of using social networking for educational purposed is cool but is this really possible? The Cloudworks project seems to be still in its infancy and therefore thats why there is a lack of ‘clouds’. Hopefully the collaboration in this project will improve as more educators start to use it.

OU Learn About guides

This site gives access to a number of papers which might be relevant when designing courses. Quiet interesting.

Educause 7 Things You Should Know About series

I think this site is very relevant as it lists an updated list of innovative technologies and their use in education. From this site ideas can be gained about how these technologies might be relevant for the activity being designed.

Just some thinking…This activity continues to strengthen the idea that due to the increase in resources and technologies available on the web, the educator will never have knowledge of all the best practices and technologies which are available and which thus might be applied to the learning activities being developed. In an educational setting, even in a secondary school like the one I teach in, the teachers needs an ‘ICT champion’ which will help in the development, implementation and usage of technological tools. Currently in Malta the deployment of such persons in schools is still on the drawing board.  I feel that these ‘champions’ are needed as at times, the teacher wants to use certain tools but there is no guidance how such tools can be used.


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