Week 13 14: A2b: LXP project audio logs

First of all I think that it somewhat difficult outlining any differences between the findings of different methodologies we are reviewing this week. It is difficult to compare and locate differences. This is due to the fact that if present differences are minimal and hard to outline due to the similarity of the research questions. I must admit that I am finding this difficulty also due to the time constraint I am facing this week due to the imminent TMA deadline.

Some points from presentation:

  • Connecting progression with learner experience
  • Giddens ‘Culturally rich and complex society with changing norms and values’
  • view slide 4 re progression
  • Environment in which education is happening is constantly evolving. This is similar to the reasoning I have made in previous activity.
  • Highlights shift from Information (individual) to Communication (group). Later author admits that this is somewhat more complex.

Main Findings:

Technologies mostly used are email, internet search, computer and word. Also there is a broad use of different technologies.

Different kind of learners are using different types of technological tools.

Patterns of use:


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