Week 13 14: A2d Forum discussion

1.    the strengths and weaknesses of the different methodologies

Video clips as used in this activity can be identified as a qualitative real-life case study, where the client’s are responding to open questions relevant to the LEX study. It is interesting how in their response their are themes which have emerged in the surveys and audio logs. A video has a better presentation then that of the audio logs. On the other hand I think that if video clips are not well produced they can give the incorrect impressions, i.e. the viewer’s perception can be distorted and therefore the video might shift your attention to points being presented rather then letting you reflect and make your own judgments.

* this part needs updating to show +ve & – ve of other methodologies. eg audio logs need the collaboration of students, maybe such a method might be targeting a specific band of students. For example myself am not so confident in using a phone, prefer other means of communication.

2.    your views on the findings 3.    your views on the implications, including for your own practice.

For the LXP project, Conole(2008) finds that “that students are using a range of different types of e-learning strategies, appropriating the tools to meet their own needs” What does this imply for us educators or designers? Should different types of technologies be made accessible for particular learning outcomes so that all possible types of learners can be accomodated? I think that the research we have been reviewing is putting us in this direction, but I doubt that this is practical in a real context.

Am I being too dull here?


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