Week 13 14 A2c: LEX project videos

Laura Hotchkiss, a student at GlasgowCaledonianUniversity discusses how she makes use of technology for both educational and recreational purposes, at home and at the university.

Video clips as used in this activity can be identified as a qualitative real-life case study, where the client’s are responding to open questions relevant to the LEX study. It is interesting how in their response their are themes which have emerged in the surveys and audio logs. A video has a better presentation then that of the audio logs. On the other hand I think that if video clips are not well produced they can give the incorrect impressions, i.e. the viewer’s perception can be distorted and therefore the video might shift your attention to points being presented rather then letting you reflect and make your own judgments.

Laura lives in a technology rich environment. She does not have any difficulty in using VLE, SNS, chat programs, podcasts or film making.

Similar to what was found in (week 12 or this one ??) Laura’s knowhow of IT promotes a positive attitude towards using technological tools for her learning.

* The video shows that her university education is a blending of F2F and online learning. It would have been really interesting to see what she tought about the ‘normal classroom’.
Jenny Woodhams and Emma Purnell discuss the benefits of using an e-portolio to record their progress on a Post-Compulsory PGCE course, and how it has become an integral part of their lives, both socially and academically.

They comment on how the use of blogs pushed them to be more reflective. Differently from Laura, they have been asked to use a specific tool; e-portfolio.  They are somewhat motivated in using this tool as it provided better organisational features.

But can this ‘motivation’ be due to their prior knowledge in IT (one of them has studied for IT teacher) and maybe because of their knowledge that this new project can be changing the way of future students ?


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