blogs in H800

I’ve decided to skim through some H800 blogs and add some links for future reference. After missing week 12 due to my Comenius trip to Italy, I believe that such links will be helpful if ever I’ll be missing other activities. In block 1, I missed another week due to another trip, but at that time I think that the activity in the forum was larger. From week 12 it seems that their has been a partial shift to blogging.

Whilst skimming these blogs I noticed that different individuals use their course blogs in different ways. This compliments what we read in the blog activities we did earlier in Block 2 (Week 10 – Activity 5). Moreover the tagging cloud found in each blog is somewhat interesting. Are we choosing different keywords in our studies or maybe we have different organising methods for our posts?


2 thoughts on “blogs in H800

  1. Interesting question about tagging, Keith. The fact that you asked it raises more interesting questions about the use of tagging, doesn’t it?

    1. Thanks, I believe tagging is still an under utilised Web2.0 tool. I think that few net users are aware of them. What do you think?

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