Post TMA2

It’s been 2 days since I submitted my TMA. I believe it was a v good learning experience but at the same time really tiring. It took a lot of my energy to put it all together.

I think I did a good job, although if I look back I believe that I’d would have done better if I chose different activities. I have a doubt if choosing two similar activities ie the blog and wiki, will loose me marks.

Also it seems that I focused much more on learners than practitioners…well mainly the focus was on them in Block 2 no? Surely you cannot have a learning environment without learners 🙂

I am eager to read my tutor’s feedback plus an added bonus would be to compare my work with others in the group.

Well yesterday I tried to start working on the Week 16 material but am not doing any progress as I need a H800 break. Maybe the Maltese warm weather is making me work less but hopefully I’ll managae to start some good work tonight…well being tired makes me grumble much more than usual…


2 thoughts on “Post TMA2

  1. Hi Keith
    Like you I found this TMA very tiring – and also in need of a break! Sadly, our warm weather has now given way to a wet cold spell – which doesn’t make studying any easier, I find, as the house feels cold….
    Anyway, good luck with the next lot of material – looking forward to some more collaboration!

    1. Thanks Frauke, good luck to you too. This weekend I managed to get my first season swim. Now I feel much refreshed and ready to work on Block 3.

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