Week 17 – A6: Administering knowledge

Brabazon (2001) ‘Internet teaching and the administration of knowledge’.

a) What is Brabazon’s view of university management imperatives and the use of new technologies?

  • Time consuming
  • Increased administrative responsibilities
  • Cost factor
  • Increased managerial load.

b) Brabazon discusses literacy and cultural capital in the context of PowerPoint. What is your view of the impact of new technologies on literacy and access to cultural resources?

Brabazon’s discussion on the impact of PowerPoint needs to be taken in context.  This article is written in 2001 ie pre Web 2.0, the Internet is static. Nowadays technology has evolved (still evolving) and has become more user friendly.  Nowadays, students have the possibility not just of acquiring knowledge (downloading powerpoints onto floppies) but also to collaborate more effectively with peers and teachers.

Still I agree with Brabazon’s conclusion that ‘learning is not technologically dependent. It remains reliant on commitment, interest and passion’. It is the teacher designing and using the presentation (or any other tool) who will make it effective or not in the learning environment.

An overall criticism of this paper is that the author gives the impression that ,whatever the changes, the teacher should stay in control of the learning environment.


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