PLEs ?

It’s been almost three years since I was promised that a VLE should be deployed ‘soon’ for all Maltese schools. It seems that different constraints have put this project behind schedule.

In all this time I saw the need that school website had to change from a repository of information into something more dynamic, involving students and teachers in the day to day site management. This cannot be done with the current system as it is hosted on a HTML server with no PHP/ASP functionality. When external hosting companies were asked for a quote, the expenses were seen to high! Working through CMS could have been an alternative solution, but our institution lacks individuals with technical knowledge. Thus the option of working through PLEs is not an option but a necessity. Setting up blogs through should empower teachers and students in deciding what content to upload and at what time, without the need of passing material through website team and most probably seeing it uploaded after a long period of time. Moreover such an approach should relief the website team from the burden of uploading every single file and thus be able to focus on site manageability.


4 thoughts on “PLEs ?

  1. My school is much the same as yours – there is delivery of content on the website but no interaction. If teachers want to do anything extra they have to go to outside services like wordpress, as you you suggested. And the technical skills at my school are concentrated in a few individuals so most lack the know-how to find new resources or even to know what to look for.
    In my school there isn’t really any top-down or bottom-up pressure being exerted so I’m wondering where change will come from (if it ever does)! Perhaps it will take a few, leading by example, to bring the others around.

    1. Well it would make much more sense if some sort of new post is set up where teachers can get help from an ICT champion. It is not enough to give (or obtain hardware resources). Support is a must.

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