Week 21 & 22 – A3c: Becta report

BECTA is the UK Government agency promoting technology in education. Report

This report is Becta’s update on the implementation of the UK government’s ICT strategy for education.

Ministerial foreward

‘at least £10 billion has been invested since 1999. Many schools, colleges, universities and training providers are using technology in innovative ways
to raise standards and improve learning. Critically, learners are making use of technology to support flexible learning stimulated by their personal use of technology.’ pg 3

‘We need to ensure providers and learners use technology well in supporting these ambitions.’ pg 3

‘Technology has – and will always have – huge potential to change things for the better. Equally the risks it creates have grown too and we need to make sure that we guard against these.’ pg 3

‘Technology has a central role to play in enabling services to be more innovative, responsive and coherent, in ways which would not be practicable without the opportunities technology offers.’ pg 3

‘In many ways learners are leading the way in using technology and we need to listen to them’ pg 4

‘Learners of all ages use technology for informal learning, recreation and entertainment. This is matched by rising expectations from learners, parents and employers to make good use of technology to support education and training.’ pg 5

‘Whilst changes have taken place, learners across all sectors do not experience a consistent quality of technology-supported learning and the system as a whole needs to better exploit new ways of working to meet future needs.’ pg6

5 important cross-sector themes;

  • learner entitilment
  • family and informal learning
  • Professional tools and support for teaching
  • Mobilising leadership
  • Personal ownership and environmental sustainability

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