Week 23 – A3: thinking about your learning

Think about your own learning – the resources and tools you use, where and when it takes place

1. What is your experience of being a learner?

I have been learning formally( and informally) without any long break from primary schooling to date. In formal learning different contexts, environments, peer students and teachers have given me somewhat different experiences thus learning not only course requirements but also ‘life’ skills.

Nowadays being a learner has more sense for me, as in H800 I am ‘studying’ something which I perceive as useful for myself. Being so demanding (time and level) means that I have extra pressure on me, but I think that from previous experience I have matured and am able to focus better on my studying, being able to peel, organise and reflect this course’s content.

2. What tools and resources do you use?

H800 has introduced a number of web 2.0 tools, many of which I have experimented with. Some I use occasionally, others I use constantly. (see PLE)

3. What are your views on different technologies?

No one tool is complete. Different tools have different capabilities, and it is up to the learner to adopt prefered technologies in his PLE.

4. Can you think of examples where technology has made a significant difference to the way you learn?

using the internet / web through wifi using a laptop.

6.Can you think of counter examples where you had a bad experience of a particular technology?

erm….hmmm….too much use = eye strain, RSI


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