Week 23 – A5 – The network methapor

I have found the use/explanation of this network methapor as trying to simplify (by explaining it in a very theoretical mode) a very complex term which is learning.

On the other hand through my networking understanding, I can see that networking (in computing and also as a metaphor in learning), is not merely a connection between nodes, nor is it always a two way communication.

In fact in computer networks one finds different devices (like PCs, hubs, switches, routers) which have different status/specifications. Likewise in education different stakeholders (try to) co exist.

Simply put C. networking provides different modes of communication namely simplex, half-duplex and duplex communication. This is true also in our learning, where at times we are acquiring the expert’s knowledge ‘signal’, and in other instances we might be debating or are engaged in some type of 2 way communication.

Thus I agree with Jones’ idea that networked learning uses ICTs to promote connections, but surely it is more complex then at first glance.



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