Week 24 – A4: Design for Learning

Reading: Beetham and Sharpe (2007) ‘An introduction to rethinking pedagogy for a digital age’.
(a) How do Beetham and Sharpe view the relationship between learning and teaching?

The authors acknowledge that teaching and learning are complimentary, where teaching is an activity in which students are being helped to learn. Learning naturally (informally) or through social interactions (more formal).

(b) Why do Beetham and Sharpe use the term ‘design for learning’ rather than learning design?

The term Learning design seems to imply that this happens ‘intentionally and systematically’. I agree with the authors when saying that ‘learners and learning situations are unpredicatable’. Therefore the practitioner and learners should be able to tweak the design if and when necesseray – therefore ‘Design for learning’.


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