ECA and …

Drafting and drafting and drafting and drafting … my ECA.

One of the two technologies for my ECA is surely blogs. It is very interesting researching how learners and teachers use them in different learning contexts.

Whilst developing my writing I am more convinced that in the next scholastic year, I’ll be using some sort of collaborative blog with at least one of my classes. This obviously depends on the classes and level/s I’ll be teaching. Maybe this will at first be simply to jot down their own ‘revision points’ for future reference. If successful this might be developed in a group discussion platform as an extension to class lessons. Obviously this will entail the setting up of a marking scheme and guidlines to students. These will purpose the studentss in owning the blogging space.

Foreseable problems are the openness of blog comments and time consuming from teacher part (to design) and from student part.

Further thoughts are needed…maybe after ECA ?


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