the Maltese VLE for schools

Last Friday our school had a school development meeting in which the launch of the ‘Maltese’ VLE system for schools has been scheduled for 2011 (wasn’t it long overdue already ?). What actually made me angry/bewildered was the lecturer’s statement that such a system would be eventually made compulsary for teachers to use. It is true that such a system may enhance students, parents and teachers communication together for the educational attainment of each individual student. But will not such a statement force this VLE to an abrupt collapse even before actually being implemented? Such an introduction will change the work conditions of teachers and administrators. The teacher’s union has not even been informed with this VLE, let alone agreed in integrating it.

I agree that a VLE is needed in our educational system as there is a vacuum between home and school and this might be partially curbed with such a system. Also if properly implemented teachers might actually gain themselves as repetitive manual administrative work would be reduced. What I believe is that such an online set of tools may be implemented without exerting force on teachers to use it. Teachers should be given in service training where the validity and advantages of such a system might be seen. Through such training serious teachers will see that such a tool may be a plus to their pedagogy.


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