Week 2, what a week !

I’ve been feeling a bit lost this week. Compared to H800, H807 is not structured. This week we have 3 activities which could have been easily named A1, A2a and A2b as in H800. At the same time the last two activities seem to overlap to week 3 but am not sure on how much they overlap. Also different colleagues have tackled the case studies in different ways. How will I go about with the report ?!

…maybe this week I was too sick to reflect on what is going on?! Time to cover 4th case study and then I’ll start thinking about the report…


3 thoughts on “Week 2, what a week !

      1. And I second both of you! I miss working with you but I also think it’s great that we can compare our experiences in separate groups! Our forum is still a bit wild but I hope that’ll settle down soon – I’m still struggling to carve out enough study time in the week….

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