Week 6 – list of challenging activities

Activity task: list of challenging activities

Drawing on your own experience and your study of this course so far, write a list of activities that might be expected of a student on a course that has online and distance components.

  1. communicate/work with colleagues/tutor via
  • email
  • forum
  • blog
  • video conferencing
  • chat
  • wiki
  1. Write TMA through word processor
  2. Interview another person
  3. Research the Internet
  4. Read notes
  5. Use library services

Different types and levels of disability exist thus one designing activities, special care needs to be taken not to discriminate against anyone…

Models of disability

two types: social vs medical disability

quote from course material;

the social model describes disability as …

… all the things that impose restrictions on disabled people; ranging from individual prejudice to institutional discrimination, from inaccessible public buildings to unusable transport systems, from segregated education to excluding work arrangements, and so on.

(Oliver, 1990)

This activity shows the importance to ‘watch your language’.  It is important to be alert so as not to offend anyone when writing (or speaking) about disabled persons. Obviously this is similar when writing about anyone even a his or her might not be so correct. Etiquette right ?


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