Computers and assistive technology

Main organisation for disabled in Malta is;

After a mail exchange with this organisation, I have been given varios information about accessibility for Maltese students. The following extract from an email gives a glimpse to benefits available in higher education;

Disabled students living in Malta can benefit from other benefits open to other disabled people. These include the assistive apparatus fund and financial assistance in purchasing computers. The assistive apparatus is mostly used to help in purchasing equipment such as wheelchairs or mobility aids. While these items are not directly related to education, they can help assist disabled students in living more independently and to attend lectures and participate in campus life at university.
Transport is also subsidised for students attending educational institutions. However, due to high demands on this service, it usually takes a lot of time to secure a place.
The University of Malta also offers support to disabled students at University, such as transcription of printed material and general support to disabled students attending university.
KNPD also offers disabled students with funding if they’re doing work related to the disavility field.
A report outlining the situation of Malta as regards social inclusion can also be found at;jsessionid=F5994CAFBAAA99743BAAC1FFED8B7816
To my knowledge in primary and secondary schools various options are also available for disabled persons of which the most important are LSAs. In the following weeks I’m trying to have some informal discussions with LSA colleagues about assistive technologies which are available in Maltese schools…

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