Rogers and Salmon

Rogers’ model and diffusion and Salmon’s framework of e-tivities are two important ideas which I’ve been reflective upon in the last couple of weeks .

Is there a correlation between these two models? From a learning perspective Rogers identifies different types of adopters which are present and need to be catered for when any innovation needs to be implemented. Rogers’ different types of adopters are not specifically seeking the same goal at the same time. A perceived gain needs to be met in order to adopt a technology. Salmon’s framework revolves around the idea that for online learning to be effective it needs interaction and reflective thinking. Such learning needs to be catered in a collaborative environment as specified in Sfard’s (1998) participatory methapor. Such collaboration may not be a main issue for an innovation but as being seen through web 2.0, this is an important aspect of new online tools which gives learners and teachers an edge when learning online.


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