Core activity 1.4: First impressions

As this is my third OU course leading to MAODE, I am feeling quiet confident in using tools such as forums and blogs as part of my studies. These should enable collaborative learning, which so far has proved to be very important in my studies. Actually getting insight into other students’ thoughts help me keep focused, even when in difficulty.

In these first two weeks, H808’s forums have been buzzing with activity. Although I had to be away for a whole week, I have managed to keep track of what was going on. Surely the diverse backgrounds of my colleagues shall prove important throughout this course.

For my studies, probably, I should be putting the framework for personal and professional development somewhere handy so that I may keep focused when working on H808. In H808, an innovative tool which I have never formally used and which will need to be used is an eportfolio. Various tools are being introduced in the forums some of which I have informally used (e.g. Google Docs). Maybe I should be building the portfolio by posting contributions to my blog whilst tagging each entry. Using the frameworks’ keywords as tags should make it easier to get back to my posts when compiling the ECA. Also I could be using these tags in Diigo. This should enable me access from any computer system which I will be working on. If need be I could use online repositories such as DropBox to upload any files which cannot be uploaded in my blog.

Still at this point I still have various dilemmas regarding eportfolios of which privacy. Should outsiders see my work? Should I grant permission to fellow colleagues and tutor to view my work?


2 thoughts on “Core activity 1.4: First impressions

  1. Hello Keith,

    Personally I prefer to leave everything open and just choose the content judiciously. My philosophy is: is anyone really that interested in me to try to use my details in some way against me? Probably not. Have you ever experienced this whilst blogging? The worst threat seems to be spam, and there’s a filter for that. The hard part (for me), is making sure the content is worthy of an audience!

    1. Hi Keith and Nathan,
      I also find the issue of publicity and blogging an interesting one. For the H808 I see the primary reason for the blog is reflection therefore learning. My primary reason for blogging in the past has been to write for an audience. I find the two concepts at odds with each other as in the latter (my OU blog) I am not trying to entertain and therefore my writing style is quite different. On saying that comments are welcome from an interested audience as I think that increases learning. Because of that I think anyone brave enough to read my OU blog and decide to comment on it probably has an interest which could be helpful to me.

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