3. my Personal and Professional development

my Personal and Professional development

These last two weeks have been somewhat intense as my private life (especially fever) took over studying and work.

I have tried to keep updated with what was going on in H808, by trying to read my group’s forum posts and a couple of readings.This unit focused on important issues which will need to be discusses in TMA01; eportfolios and PDP.  From the work done so far, it seems that both (especially PDP) are popular in the UK system. Various institutions have understood the validity of eportfolio and have implemented them as part of their system. Although I need to research more on this, I have developed the impression that in various countries, of which the UK, PDP  policy is enforced on institutions, where they need to find a way how to develop, implement and make it work.

A very interesting system which I have again met and read about is the eFolio system implemented in Minnesota where electronic portfolios are made available to all residents, though adoption has been directly proportional to the level of education of individuals.

Although I have understood the reasoning behind PDP, I am finding it tough to put this in place as in my Maltese context, I have rarely encountered portfolios or PDP. In Malta such personal and professional planning is much more informal, where it is up to the individual to try and develop a structured process of reflection and development for personal and career needs. On a personal note I am still at an initial stage on what system I should be using to keep track of my development. I have opted to use GoogleApps. Currently I am using GoogleDocs as a repository of evidence. I made this choice as google stuff feature a lot in my PLE and thus this seemed to be the most obvious choice. Also GoogleDocs is free and I may keep using it even after completing this course of studies. In the coming weeks, I’ll try to see how GooglePages may be mashed up with GoogleDocs to create my first eportfolio.

The course wiki

I have been noticing how the wiki for the supplementary activities is being used somewhat sporadically, without any planning or structure. I had in mind the idea that a wiki should be used by a group of contributors to develop a unique document. Such a document might have been revised a number of times in order to obtain the end result, where contributors probably need to alter each other’s work. In the H808 supplementary wikis it seems that contributors are afraid to touch each other’s work, maybe this is happening because of the course assessment which requires pieces of evidence…but can’t a collaborative document be sued as proof of work? Maybe as we move on, things will get clearer in the wiki area 🙂


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