6.2 case studies – priniciples of good elearning practice

Sharing Effective Pedagogical Innovations

Here are some points that I extracted from the ‘Sharing Effective Pedagogical Innovations’ case study;

  1. Chudler’s Neuroscience for kids shows that through the continuous availability of digital resources, students’ knowledge may increase, but not the attitude towards science.
  2. Effective practice as seen in both examples (Chudler and Gibbs) should include a variety of learning objects which may be useful for different students e.g. textual, visual, games etc.
  3. This may enable students with different abilities and learning patterns to learn at their own pace.
  4. Same learning activities may have various uses.
  5. Gibb’s tried to ‘create a supportive online environment for student’ where the teacher takes a back seat and act as the facilitator of learning.

Disseminating Effective Practices and Products

I am struggling in seeing the connection between this case study and elearning practice. Still I have come up with the following list;

  1. Best professors in their fields have been selected. Funding has been used to highlight and ellicit best practice, thus these professors may serve as role models for others.
  2. Using the toolkit so that thepractice of each professor could be documented in a uniform style. This would enable others understand and re use their ideas.
  3. Walker has worked on resources and teaching strategies which could bring excitement towards the subject and provide the students with a sense of individual involvement in their learning
  4. Drive towards active learning.


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