Unit 8.1 Podcasting

I found it quiet hard to start and record this podcast (see kijt.podbean.com). At first glance this activity looked quiet simple. I have previous experience of audio recording and editing. The problem rather then with the technology was with my communicating through a different medium. I found recording my own voice as problematic as I am not so familiar with my recording and maybe I am also not so confident with recording my own voice. In fact the podcast which I have done sounds quiet robotic. A fellow student (Barrett, 2010) commented this ‘myself to put expression into my voice otherwise I become monotonic! It helps if I imagine I’m speaking to someone – maybe even teaching them something’


Positive comments were received for my podcast were my voice was found ok, and the background music was liked.

As I mentioned in this activity’s forum thread I have also considered using a ‘text-to-speech’ software through which I would have bypassed recording myself. As I did not find a quality software through which the output would sound good, I finally recorded myself. Adding a background audio track, gave a more professional feel. Also I played with the fading in/out. As other students in my group found some difficutlies with audio levels I tried to help by posting some short instructions;


It was a pleasure seeing that I actually helped other students;

Barrett(2010)  http://learn.open.ac.uk/mod/forumng/discuss.php?d=220932#p1718169

Shepherd (2010) http://learn.open.ac.uk/mod/forumng/discuss.php?d=220932#p1719340

By reviewing other podcasts (see related posts), I think that my podcast, although time-limited, has been edited quiet well, were I’m able to get the attention of the listener. Maybe more detail could have been added to the script as it is quiet short.  Getting positive comments from H808 peers enables me to feel more positive towards this piece of work.


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