8.3x Educational podcast review

This is an initial attemt in reviewing the quality of a podcast in terms of a set of criteria.

Podcast 1: Morrison, D. (2005b) ‘Interview with Oleg Liber: personal learning environments’, The Auricle podcasts. Available from: http://www.auricle.org/auriclewp/podcasts/20051215-ple.mp3(accessed 23 December 2010).

  • Sound quality – Sound quality could be improved as the introductory and concluding audio sem out of place for such a podcast. Also there is a constant background noise which suggests that this was not recorded in a professional studio. In fact, for me, this is a recording of a conversation which has been put online. I think that such a recorded conversation is much more difficult to edit and in not listener focused; at times the speaker’s voice gets too low and the listener can even hear some background noises.
  • Broadcast quality – I think that this podcast is well constructed where the speaker is promted tohrough a series of questions to focus on topic. This podcasts has a clear structure with an introduction and conclusion.
  • Suitability – I am not sure who the intended audience is here but although the topic was quiet interesting, at times it got boring.
  • Length – Length of recording is appropriate
  • Interest – At times conversation becomes dragging, although this always depends on the intended audience.
  • Academic quality – This podcast is based on the speakers opinion, whose status suggests that his opinion is based on research. 
  • Suggestions for improvement – Quality of sound can be improved, some editing may enhance the overall quality. I would stick to being brief and highlight the main points of the argument if such a podcast is used in an academic environment. Attaching a transcript with the podcast, would make it accessiblie to a wider audience.
  • Suggestions for use – transcript, links to further readings

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