Basic questions whilst reading a paper

It is important to keep notes whilst reading a paper. For H809 the following questions (extracted from activity 1.4 course material and forums) may be asked/used in order to capture the jist of what is being read;

Questions: What research questions are being addressed?

Setting: What is the sector and setting?

Concepts: What theories, concepts and key terms are being used?

Methods: What methods of data collection and analysis are used?

Findings: What did this research find out?

Limitations: What are thelimitations of the methods used?

Ethics: Are there any ethical issues associated with the research?

Implications: What are the implications (if any) for practice, policy or further research?


What counts as evidence?

How strong are the claims being made, and does the evidence support them?



The reasons for putting these questions in a blog post are three-fold;

  1. Easily accessible
  2. Compare different studies
  3. In the coming weeks I will revisit these questions and if worthwhile will update/improve them.

2 thoughts on “Basic questions whilst reading a paper

  1. Hallo Keith,

    I was so free to change your link in our H809 course wiki as it did not work. You had some info from the OU in your link, so it failed.

    I like your blog, especially the collections of links to other blogs which allows quick access to thier blogs.


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