the Context

Picking up from my first post on the timeline activity, it is quiet obvious that each member of the tutor group has a baggage of experience and comes from an environment which will have an effect on the response that shall be given. I am still unclear how I can work collaborativly on this activity as my context is different from that of other students. Here are the main events which I experienced in my life with technology;

1990 – Got my Amiga Commodore 500. Spent loads of time playing and experimenting with my first programming language.

Couple of years without a computer at home, although around 1995, we got Playstation 1.

1995 – Computer classes introduced in Maltese secondary schools. I was able to attend an IT lesson, 1 lesson per week for my last year in secondary school.

1998 – I bought a PC to help me in my Degree studies. Started experimenting and learning how to use a word processor and other office applications.

1998 – Got internet access (dial-up)

1999 – Bought and installed a CD writer, thus got a chance to become my data on CDs instead of floppies.

2001 – Got ADSL internet connection

2002 – Started work as a computing teacher. Started my diploma.

2003 – Set up school web site from scratch.

2006 – Got my new laptop.

2006-08 – School introduced interactive whiteboards and laptops in a number of classes.

2007 – Wireless connection throughout school

2008 – Each teacher given a work laptop

2008 – 2011 Teachers being given professional development courses on elearning.

It is imperative to place the research paper being read in context as this will define the actors which have taken part in the study…


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