…my progress

Working through the third week of this course, I am still feeling a bit awkard as things still are looking pretty odd. The pace of work, activities and amount of discussion are so different from previous courses I have taken so far with the OU. Looking at the work being done by other tutor groups, it seems that each group is working with a similar pace. Maybe I have been given too much help from my previous tutor? Maybe I’m not the self-directed learner who I thought I have become? In previous courses I found real support in forums, discussions, and comparing my pace with that of others were of benefit for my learning strategies.

…fingers crossed everything will get in place.


3 thoughts on “…my progress

  1. Have you joined the Twitter group? I tend to get my support from people on there and it is not only restricted to one tutor group so you get an even wider range of ideas.

    I was a little disappointed last week as I felt that there were only a couple of us working with the current week and so it was a bit disjointed but it seems to be better this week.

    Hope it picks up for you.

  2. I agree this module feels quite different from the ones we’ve done up to now – but it’s early days. I’ve not been able to devote as much time to study in the last couple of weeks as I would have liked but I’m hoping that things are calming down now. How about a Skype session to talk through some of our concerns and do some preparation for the first TMA?

    You’re not on alone!

  3. Thanks Frauke and Lynn, its good to hear that I’m not alone. I’m going through the activities, at times I manage to complete them way before the time allocated. Still I’m not sure whether I have covered the activity in the ‘correct’ way!

    Lynn, I’ll check out the twitter group, thanks for the tip.
    Frauke, should we see whether others from the tutor group are interested in the Skype session?

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