Block 3

TMA 02

TMA02 was somewhat of a rough ride. Looking back at the process I passed through, I think that the assignment question was somewhat open to interpretation. This contrasted with the other OU assignments I have done so far which normally give a clear indication of what the course team are looking for.

I am not sure if I will be doing well in this assignment as I focused on the theoretical positions rather then game-based learning. Although this area is somewhat interesting, I believe that it was only intended to ground our writing in something practical, rather then writing up there in the theoretical clouds.

Block 3

Due to the extension I’ve got for TMA02, I’m starting block 3 quiet late. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up this week as its Easter break. An interesting change that I’m seeing in the forum is that we have been directed to use the modulewide forum rather then the tutor group. This may have been done ‘cos of the low communication occuring in the tutor group forums, but this should have been predictable. As noticed (discussed and studied) in other OU courses, students need to be ‘forced’ to use the forums or other modes of communication, even if for their own benefit. Such ‘forcing’ may be done through assessment strategies e.g. including a number of forum postings of other students in the assignments.

…time to work on week 11


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