Activity 15.3 Students’ voices

Digital technology has brought about improvement in accessibility. In one of the videos, Neal Ewers of the Trace Research Center works on whether application software work well with screen readers. Whilst I was using a screen reader I was not able to think from the perspective of a blind student e.g. It never crossed my mind how a blind person would  check the formatting of the text or how one may understand the structure of a page without actually seeing it. In the video, it is stressed that the accessible design is really important e.g.  the need to have instructions from top to bottom. Colour, shape e.g. specific images or ‘clues’ and space help navigation for a user with visual disabilities. Even spaces between links, font colour and background may prove helpfull whereas too much information in same area may prove overwhelming.

Disabled students in videos are using the tool at a much faster pace than I could possibly use. Moreover, these videos highlight the fact that individuals will have their own particular needs and thus will get advantage from particular tools and functionality.


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