Eye tracking

Yesterday I have been invited to an informal presentation of an eye tracking device. It was my first experience with such a device and through a discussion with the supplier and by actually trying out the device and related software I found myself thinking about issues we’ve met in H810. The adaptility of the product is a plus as it can be used by students who are encountering different accessibility issues both at home and at school.

Such devices cost a lot of money and from the feedback I have got, it seems quite unlikely that such devices will be bought in the near future, even though teachers in special schools identified a number of students whom such devices would change their lifes.


2 thoughts on “Eye tracking

  1. At higher education level in the UK, eye tracking analysis can be funded as part of disabled student allowance as it is classified as a tool to adjust the computer settings etc. rather than a diagnostic tool. I went to a demo by OmniRead and the tools appeared very impressive. The independent research on the increase in reading speed and accuracy was also very persuasive.

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