Digital Literacy across the Curriculum

These days, everyone agrees that to be an active participating citizen one needs to be digitally competent. Thus Digital Literacy is a requirement which educational stakeholders cannot continue turning a blind eye upon. We as educators must foster and encourage Digital Literacy in our classrooms (and management must support in the broader curriculum). 21st century competencies do not require additional class time or new course development. They often do require some tweaking of our established curricula. Some educators already embed such practices in their students’ learning whereas others need support to take the plunge, possibly with a mind-shift which may not be automatic for all.creative-desk-pens-school3.jpg

Policy makers need to ellicit the right environment through which this might flourish whilst that robust, planned professional development and learning time for educators needs to be provided. We educators can integrate digital literacy into everyday learning, provided that the right ingredients are in their place. Such ingredients including resources, training and support which are needed to shift from a traditional curriculum to a more innovative one. Our nation, like any other, cannot allow in having digitally deprived citizens. All learners need to be digitally compentent within their years’ in the school system, and be able to live as digital lifelong learning citizens who will regard 21st century competences as innate thus being an active digitally competent citizen.


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