A Student’s Life

Considering the time a person spends in educational settings throughout his life, there are various questions which come to mind. My view is that a student is entitled to become a competent citizen. Thus through the obligatory educational system and beyond, each individual has the right to be given the tools and means through which knowledge, skills and attitudes are formed.

  1. What action has been taken to make sure that each student is able to take part in the same learning activities as other students?
  2. Who carries the responsibility for ensuring that such action is taken?

During his life, each learner will pass through a personalised learning pathway. The degree of personalisation of such a pathway is disputable as one can argue that personalisation is difficult to achieve. On the surface a personalised experience would be to resource hungry, damning for teachers and alienating for the young learner.  I do not believe that we need to be radical in such a personalised approach. Technology has advanced so much so as to bring functionality which was unthinkable till a few years back. Nowadays, educators may put the learners in the driving seat, expanding on learning outcomes set in the beginning of a learning program. To enable such an approach, educators need a mind shift in allowing a bit of freedom to learners, loosening control whilst facilitating their learners. The scope of a learning program should not be that of having the same targets for all the learners. Learners need to be thought how to learn by tinkering, criticizing, collaborating, communicating and making. Various techy tools enable such practice of which mobile technology and robotics. The sky is the limit. The sooner we realise this, the sooner we may enable a personalised meaningful journey for our students.


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