About me

Currently my professional role is that of Education Officer (Digital Literacy) within the Directorate for Quality and Standards in Education, Floriana, Malta. In this role, I support schools in the quest to embed technology in learning. This by focusing on students and educators’ digital competence. In 2012, I completed my Masters studies in Online and Distance Education from the Open University.

After eight years teaching Computing and ICT within a state secondary school, I moved to the Department of eLearning as a support teacher in eLearning where my role focused on the organisation of national educational events of which the national eLearning awards and conference, Malta Robotics Olympiad and student competitions. Following this I took the role of Head of Department (eLearning) where I continued working on a number of initiatives whilst support various schools in the use of technology for learning. In addition to the work within the Department of eLearning,  from 2011 to 2016, I occupied the role of ICT coordinator within the Directorate for Lifelong Learning. This mainly involved the development and organisation of ICT related courses within the directorate’s adult education centres and collaborating entities.

This blog started off as an online reflective diary for my studies in the Masters in Online and Distance Education with the Open Univeristy. As may be easily deduced, my main interest is in technology, learning and anything in between.

Linkedin; mt.linkedin.com/in/keithaquilina/


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