A Student’s Life

Considering the time a person spends in educational settings throughout his life, there are various questions which come to mind. My view is that a student is entitled to become a competent citizen. Thus through the obligatory educational system and beyond, each individual has the right to be given the tools and means through which […]

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Funding for disabled students

Does funding for disabled students exist in Malta? What level of assistance is available? I am not aware about any vehicle allocating funding for disabled students who would like to further their study once they finish their obligatory schooling. Assistance in the purchase of tech may be pursued mainly through KNPD and FITA, but the […]

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Staff development perspectives

In all state schools, a compulsory staff development session needs to be held every term. In the school where I used to teach, one of these sessions focused on dyslexia. The presenter lectured through a powerpoint on how a dyslexic student could be identified and what measures should be taken in class to include such […]

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Designing and developing accessible e-learning experiences

I had the opportunity to read Seale’s ‘ Designing and developing accessible e-learning experiences: the learning technologist’s perspective. Seale (2006) hints that various authors make the ‘assumption that it is learning technologists who will respond’ and who are mainly responsible for accessibility. Although this might be true, it is important that such a debate does […]

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What makes online learning accessible?

The designing of accessible online learning should include inclusion, removal of barriers and flexibility. The design of learning resources should cater for both current and future needs. Seale (2006) highlights elements of online learning that need to be made accessible and some ideas about the use of accessibility guidelines and standards. The list of elements […]

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Defining Accessibility

Accessibility means that where possible, individuals with different needs and backgrounds  may participate and engage with their surroundings. Society in general is responsible in providing an accessible environment. The educational context, irrespective of what disabilities students may have, is accessible by all students, thus everyone involved without building new barriers, need to provide a learning […]

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