7.1 Disability Awareness

In the institutions I work in, the disability awareness guide (resource 1) may be used to introduce training in this subject. Staff may better understand how disabilities and accessibility may be dealt with. In resource 1, information on various disabilties is given. This made me aware of disabilities and how these may be identified. My […]

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Activity 5.1 Legislation

Resource 1 – Seale (2006) Chapter 4 Legislation on online accessibility is still in its infancy (Seale, 2006). ‘Random websites had become progressively inaccessible through the years, whilst the complexity of the websites had increased.’ (Seale, 2006). Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG-1 and WCAG-) give developers clear guidelines on how a site should be built […]

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3.7 3.8 Frameworks podcast and reflection

The following five frameworks and descriptions have been extracted from this activity’s podcast: ‘Achievement Frameworks’, which are really about measuring individual’s progress in terms of their learning using ICT. ‘Cognitive Frameworks’, which are looking about the impact on an individual in terms of how they think and the interaction. So that’s very much focused on […]

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Rogers and Salmon

Rogers’ model and diffusion and Salmon’s framework of e-tivities are two important ideas which I’ve been reflective upon in the last couple of weeks . Is there a correlation between these two models? From a learning perspective Rogers identifies different types of adopters which are present and need to be catered for when any innovation […]

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Salmon coins the word ‘e-tivity’ to describe ‘a framework for active and interactive learning’ (Salmon, 2002, p.1) which is done online. This framework comprises the following five stages are: Access and motivation Online socialization Information exchange Knowledge construction Development As found in other learning frameworks, these steps need to be taken as generalisations for learning. […]

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Social literacies in action – 1st try

Delicious, Diigo, Flickr; What kinds of dialogue do these three tools facilitate? Can they support learning conversations? Delicious – Storing and sharing favourite urls Diigo – Caching or archiving web content – can file urls, categorise them, comment –> research, share and collaborate… Flickr – Managing content – can share photos, send to blogs, comment […]

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H807 – Blogging or not ?

I’m almost done with H807’s TMA03 which deals with online interaction. I have been reflecting on how courses may purpose learners to choose to interact via specific media although a charactheristic important in such courses is that learners may actually use other tools which may compliment their learning. I’ve been missing from blogging due to […]

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