Social literacies in action – 1st try

Delicious, Diigo, Flickr; What kinds of dialogue do these three tools facilitate? Can they support learning conversations? Delicious – Storing and sharing favourite urls Diigo – Caching or archiving web content – can file urls, categorise them, comment –> research, share and collaborate… Flickr – Managing content – can share photos, send to blogs, comment […]

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H807 – Blogging or not ?

I’m almost done with H807’s TMA03 which deals with online interaction. I have been reflecting on how courses may purpose learners to choose to interact via specific media although a charactheristic important in such courses is that learners may actually use other tools which may compliment their learning. I’ve been missing from blogging due to […]

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Evaluating Usability

‘Pedagogical usability (Kukulska-Hulme and Shield, 2004; Shield and Kukulska-Hulme, 2006); that is, usability as this affects educational website design and development, in the context of supported open and distance learning. This work has also been extended to include the usability of mobile devices (Kukulska-Hulme, 2005, 2006).’ The authors point out that a simple way of […]

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Communication technologies and society – 1

Weller (2006), ‘The distance from isolation: why communities are the logical conclusion in e-learning’.’In this article Weller argues that the internet has technological features of openness, robustness and decentralisation, and these are also its social values. These values are evident in the adoption of popular internet applications.’ Interesting how the author uses inexact networking terminology […]

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Week 8 – activity 1 – affordance

What is affordance ? ‘An affordance is an action that an individual can potentially perform in his or her environment’ wikipedia Norman’s defines affordance : ‘affordance refers to the preceived and actual properties of the thing, primarily those fundamental properties that determine just how the thing could possibly be used.’ …thus affordance refers primarily to […]

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