So H808 results are out and I have got a pass. I was surprised as although I have found this unit the most tough both due to the course contents and also due to peripheral matters, I managed to get a better result than that obtained in other MAODE units. Surely I have got a […]

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My need’s analysis grid

Today I have taken some time off from my ECA writing and updated the needs analysis grid which had been developed for core activity 3.4 It has been really interesting seeing how this grid helped me focus on my weaknesses and thus was able to improve in a number of points. Surely I should continue […]

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7.2 Professional Learning

The relationship between reflection, action and learning in your own contexts of work (which may include the current context of study on H808). Part 1 Dealtry A – A learning task in an area you know well (low risk) B – A familiar learning task but applying it to a new situation (moderate risk) C […]

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9.1 Desktop research – finding, analysing and synthesising information.

Blogs traditionally have been used, even in education, as personal logs (Williams & Jacobs, 2004) for example of own or class activity.  This tool may also allow for ”collaborative activity, knowledge sharing, reflection and debate’ (Hiler, 2003). The distinct blogging behaviours outlined by Kerawella et al. (2008) suggest that in their nature, blogs are versatile and […]

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Unit 8.1 Podcasting

I found it quiet hard to start and record this podcast (see kijt.podbean.com). At first glance this activity looked quiet simple. I have previous experience of audio recording and editing. The problem rather then with the technology was with my communicating through a different medium. I found recording my own voice as problematic as I […]

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