Is creativity an innate skill or can it be learnt? How can creativity ellicit learning and how does learning benefit from creativity? Does technology in education enable or disable creativity? Advertisements

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Family Code Nights

This October, I launched the Family Code night initiative where 150 families participated in sessions introducing coding. These free sessions were open for Parents and Guardians together with their children aged from 8 to 11.  Through this unique fun-filled, educational ‘family time’ activity qualified LEGO Education Academy Trainers sponsored by IMS ltd introduced participants to […]

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Learning Analytics

An area which has gained popularity in recent years in the education sector is learning analytics. Learning analytics can be understood as the collection, measurement and reporting of learners data and of their contexts, for purposes of understanding and optimizing learning and the environments in which it occurs. For sure, an important factor leading to […]

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Automation, Employment, Status

Recently I have attended a conference where as usual, I was sitting down at the back of a seminar room. The speaker was focusing on emerging trends in educational technology where it was evident that he was summarising the Horizon report; a report which is of great interest to educators and policy makers as it […]

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A Student’s Life

Considering the time a person spends in educational settings throughout his life, there are various questions which come to mind. My view is that a student is entitled to become a competent citizen. Thus through the obligatory educational system and beyond, each individual has the right to be given the tools and means through which […]

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Lurking in Learning?

On social media, the idea of having ‘friends’ lingering around, reading and gossiping about your online behaviour  may be interpreted as not being appropriate. Even more without interacting back, without reacting by messaging back or simply liking your posts might seem awkard, non fitting for a person with the status of ‘friend’. 

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