Week 25 – A1: Sage on the Stage or Guide on the side?

some points… reading: Haythornthwaite (2008) ‘Ubiquitous Transformations’: Proceedings of the Networked Learning Conference, Halkidiki, 2008. 1.    What evidence is there of this shift towards taking responsibility for learning by the learners themselves? – New practices emerging around Internet use. – These new media lay the foundation for radical transformations in who learns from whom, where, under […]

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Week 23 – A7: Mycorrhize and wild fires

Reading:  Engeström (2007) ‘From communities of practice to mycorrhizae’ in the stages suggested below. 1. Read the article up to the heading ‘Towards collaborative community?’ (a) What criticisms does Engeström make? Engestrom highlights the limits of  Lave & Wenger (1991)  community of practice. He  critiques the ahistorical approach to communities of practice. Consequence of apprenticeship […]

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Week 18 – A4c: Searching for ‘social networking’

In this activity I have searched on social networking  focusing on low income students. This was done through Del.icio.us. Observed limits of this social bookmarking tool. Ain’t a search engine better for such a search? Links found; http://jerz.setonhill.edu/weblog/permalink/educational-benefits-of-social/ ‘few students in the study were actually aware of the academic and professional networking opportunities that the […]

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OER vs e-twinning

I was doin some brainstorming on Week 10 – A9 …don’t know if I’m messing up but I think that etwinning kits online are somewhat associated with OER, at least that’s my first impression… This week at work we have been refreshed about the e-twinning initiative. I have heard about this programme three years ago, […]

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Week 13 14: A2d Forum discussion

1.    the strengths and weaknesses of the different methodologies Video clips as used in this activity can be identified as a qualitative real-life case study, where the client’s are responding to open questions relevant to the LEX study. It is interesting how in their response their are themes which have emerged in the surveys and […]

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Week 11 – A1: A ‘classic’ debate

1 A, B -Jotting down some thoughts & Opening remarks Daniel argues that in education there is the need of higher volume, consistent quality, lower cost.  This three fold quest is rarely achievable (mentions the example of open universities). “Most attempts to introduce media into education do not take advantage of technology’s strengths.” He acknowledges […]

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