ICT Course for Adult Educators

A colleague has started working on a paper but needs your help to finish it. Download this paper to your PC’s Desktop and make necessary improvements as  specified in the following steps. When ready you will be sending the updated worksheet via email to your colleague.

  1. Add the text ‘DIRECTORATE FOR LIFELONG LEARNING’ at the top of the first page.
  2. Modify date to ‘3rd October 2013’
  3. Modify the exam time to indicate ‘10.00-12.00PM’
  4. Modify the exam duration ‘2 hours’
  5. Questions text size should be changed to 12 points
  6. Text Font should be changed to Calibri
  7. Add numbering to all the questions in section A
  8. Change the numbering of question 17 to bullets
  9. Copy the image shown below and insert at the top of the first page
  10. In the right hand side of the footer insert page numbering
  11. Attach the modified document to a new email and send it to the email address provided by your tutor.

malta coat

Your modified worksheet should look similar to this Health & Safety final paper


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