Collaboration: Are We Sure?

Collaboration as a much needed 21st competence Collaboration is one of competences which 21st century skills advocates put forward. This may be considered by policy makers, theorists and others as an obvious competence which learners should possess. It can be argued that to thrive in today’s society, citizens need to collaborate with other citizens, with […]

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Digital Competence for Adults

At a European level, digital literacy is nowadays considered as one of the essential skills to allow citizens to effectively exercise full citizenship. Still, a wide percentage of adults still lack the skills, knowledge and attitudes to use digital technology and therefore to exploit the opportunities that these provide. The use of ICT is regarded […]

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Funding for disabled students

Does funding for disabled students exist in Malta? What level of assistance is available? I am not aware about any vehicle allocating funding for disabled students who would like to further their study once they finish their obligatory schooling. Assistance in the purchase of tech may be pursued mainly through KNPD and FITA, but the […]

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Digital Literacy across the Curriculum

These days, everyone agrees that to be an active participating citizen one needs to be digitally competent. Thus Digital Literacy is a requirement which educational stakeholders cannot continue turning a blind eye upon. We as educators must foster and encourage Digital Literacy in our classrooms (and management must support in the broader curriculum). 21st century […]

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True innovation?

Today I had an interesting conversation with a colleague of mine which somewhat made me think about the big hype which has been going on in educational technology around us i.e. 3D printers. This innovation is heralded by the maker movement. This movement sees a lot of potential where no matter the subject, through making […]

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Online Learning

Educators need professional development to support changes in content delivery, such as online learning. Although a few early adopters self-manage their professional development, a systematic approach is necessary to develop the skills of all educators and their understanding of how technology can be embedded in the learning process. This applies to both educators in compulsory […]

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