Over the years I have been involved in various robotics for education projects and courses. In 2011, I have launched the annual Malta robotics competition: Malta Robotics Olympiad 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011

I have also been involved in the setup and running of the EU Robotics Week and of an online community whose main aim is to popularise robotics at a local level: Malta Robotics Community

Robotics Courses

For the past couple of years, I have had the pleasure of designing and delivering various robotics courses. In these courses, which are held during the summer period, learners gain hands-on experience in designing, programming, and building robots whilst working collaboratively. The summer program is unique in that it brings learners together in a stimulating, hands-on environment. The course is designed to challenge students as well as complement what they study in formal school. Courses are hands-on, mentally stimulating, and highly enjoyable for the learners.

The summer robotics courses offer an introduction to robot-build­ing, design and programming. Through the use of Lego NXT Mindstorms, Lego WeDo,  and/or Arduino robotic kits, participants design, build and program robots to solve various themed tasks and set problems. Learners will be:

  • introduced to design, programming and building of robotic kits
  • developing problem solving and basic programming skills
  • learning a collaborative team-building environment
  • gaining confidence with the provided robotic kits
  • enhancing their brainstorming and reasoning skills
  • introduced to project planning including design, planning, time management and documentation



Resources for Robotics Summer Courses




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